Turkish Journal of Weed Science


Aims and Scope

Turkish Journal of Weed Science is an international journal, published two times a year by the Turkish Weed Science Society. The journal concentrates on primary research articles (Original Articles) but operates a flexible policy regarding other submissions, including Reviews, Short Communications, Survey Articles and Research Reports in all aspects of weed science.


The main topics (not exclusively) focused by the journal are; Weed Taxonomy, Weed Ecology and Physiology, Weed Biology, Weed Management and Control Methodologies, Herbicide Behaviors and Resistance,  Weed Crop Interactions,  Invasive Plants, Climate Change and Weed Management, Weed Risk Assessment, Modelling and other fields of weed science.


The Journal follows the strict policy on the novelty of the articles published. The articles with preliminary findings are not accepted. Moreover, the articles confirming the results of earlier studies are not accepted by the journal. The greenhouse and field studies should contain sufficient biological and physiological data to support the results. The manuscripts based on allometric data are not accepted.


The data should be statistically analyzed using the simple reproducible procedures. The manuscripts lacking the statistical interpretations will be declined at ground level.